Our vision and mission


Educational Support

With an additional board member with the position of Commissioner Educational Support, we as a board want to breathe new life into existing educational support. We want to reform the goals and actions so that the committee has a new right to exist. In addition to the actions that will be carried out independently, collaboration with other parties is central.

Broadening of the association

With the arrival of a number of new training courses under our wing, we want to ensure that all new members feel as at home as each member has felt so far. We ensure that this is not at the expense of the association as it has existed until now. We want to achieve this by allowing the activities and the associated promotion to grow with the growth of the association.

External contacts

To give students a broader view of the professional field, we offer various lunch lectures, company days, company visits and a study trip. With this we want to bring students into contact with various companies related to the courses of study within the association. During these activities there is the opportunity for companies to present themselves, and for students to work on their professional attitude in addition to making contacts.


In this digital age, renewing the promotion of activities among students is important. Not only the renewal of the current promotion, but also the broadening through the use of different media platforms is central to this.


One of the pillars of the association has always been the old-fashioned fun. The events, the association space and the committee work are known for this. We want to continue the fun with the broadening of the association at least as great. We want to make every effort to make not only new members, but existing members feel at home at Innovum.


Giving extra meaning to student life

We want to ensure that the student days of our members have more content than the standard curriculum. As an association, we create a pleasant atmosphere in which students can make connections, gain new experiences and support each other, both within and outside the study program. We can look back with satisfaction when former students have had the time of their lives and have developed into a person who is ready for the next step in their lives.