Our vision and mission


1. Promotion of the brand SV. Innovum

Innovum has a wide range of activities and events within Fontys Engineering, and also beyond. With this vision point, we want to achieve that “SV. Innovum” not only stands for a large association, but also for a solid association with activities and events of a certain high quality.

2. Benefits for members of the association

Of course, as a member, you don't just get free coffee and tea (which is great in itself), but you also belong to a large family of engineers who support each other and make their time at the university a lot more fun.


3. Interaction between members and companies

In the future, members should have more opportunities to connect with companies that have a certain relationship with the association. SV. Innovum has a lot of external contacts that are not only valuable for the association itself, but also for the individual members. This corresponds with point 2 within our vision.

4. The posibility to present ideas

Innovum exists because of its members. Therefore, it is important to give every member the opportunity to turn their own ideas or other input into a plan if the ideas or input are sound. Transparency of the association will be increased as a result if the board and members are open to new ideas or input.


We want to contribute to a better communication line between students and the educational institution. In this, we want to be able to communicate the anonymous feedback of students directly to the relevant parties of Fontys as a board ourselves. We want to achieve this by planning a general meeting with Fontys once a period, or multiple meetings with different stakeholders. During these meetings, we also want to discuss the actions taken by Fontys, which were taken in response to the feedback from the previous meeting.