In the year 2007, The two Fontys courses: Mechanical engineering and Electrical engineering merged into Fontys Engineering. At that time there were two active study associations within the Engineering part of Fontys university: W.S.V. Hoefnix for mechanical engineering and S.G. PulsE for electrical engineering. A year later in 2008, in addition to the existing two courses, Fontys Engineering decided to start a mechatronics course. Also in the beginning of the 2009 school year, engineering lost space within the building. whereby both associations had to start sharing one room. This gave the reason for both associations to merge together.

After intensive meetings of the Advisory Board, the result was that later that year there would be a joint introduction week. The new study Association for Engineering is born in the middle of the year 2009: SV. Innovum! In addition to the already represented studies (mechanical, electrical and mechatronics) the course Automotive also joined Innovum. After that, Innovum became the face of all technical HBO courses in Eindhoven.