Represented studies

SV. Innovum represents the study Association of engineering of Fontys University of Eindhoven. This includes a number of disciplines, which can be seen below.

Automotive engineering

The focus in the automotive domain lies on the research and development for operating systems, electronic systems, drivetrains and powertrains, also the reduction of emissions of engines and vehicle dynamics comes to attention within the study.

Electrical engineering

Electrical engineering determines a big part of our lives. It is often not visible but you will experience it. In wireless internet, smartphones, LED lighting, digital tv, 3D navigation and gaming robots for example.

Mechatronics engineering

Mechatronics is a recently new study of Fontys University of applied sciences. The best of mechanical engineering and electrical engineering are combined in this study. In this way, engineers are formed, who are ready for anything.

Mechanical engineering

Mechanical engineering is a discipline that focuses on the construction of machines and devices. An important part of the work of a mechanical engineer consists of the technical designing of these machines and devices.

Applied Mathematics