The association is driven by a lot of enthusiastic students, who want an extra challenge and contact during their study. These students are divided in lots of committees, all of them have separate tasks.


The board is the umbrella “committee” and is concerned with keeping an overview of everything that goes on within the association. In addition to your board duties, as a board member you also supervise several of the 13 committees. In addition, the board determines the direction of the association and maintains contact with Fontys, sponsors and friendly associations. As a board you have at least 1 meeting approximately every week, the board meeting. You also have “room services”, these are times when you are present in / around the room and are the contact person of the association.


You must have heard about the activities that Innovum organizes. These activities are organized by the activities committee. Every year we organize various activities including beer bicycles, team building, the Christmas dinner and the end of year barbecue. We also try to devise and organize activities that are as fun as possible. So are you good at devising and organizing fun activities? Then the activities committee might be something for you!


Make your own Innovum designer cupboard? Design and build a mug carousel? Spend the whole year on creating projects? Then join our Beun committee! Of course there are some technical aspects and some measurements which need to be done, but mostly we just do things “the engineering way” (a.k.a. beunen). So do you like to build projects or just mess around with some technology and stuff? Then we’d like to see you next year in our Beun committee!


At the catering committee we provide the most important facilities for every engineer-in-training within Innovum. The catering committee is the beating heart of the association, every week we ensure that there are coffee, tea, soft drinks and snacks for all members of the association.


We at the documissie make fun after-movies and other visual material of the Innovum events. That way all the wacky and fun things are captured for later that are typically Innovum. Curious about the things we make? Then take a look at our YouTube:


Within the Innovum organization the external commision functions as the link between the engineering students and the companies that are interested in them. With the organization of both lunch lectures and excursions the external committee provides companies visibility whilst also making the barrier of entry for starting conversations with companies lower. The lunch lecture provides students with a first impression of a company. On the other hand we have the excursion that provide students the opportunity to follow up on their first impression and find out if the company functions as they had envisioned.


The International Committee aims to involve international students in association life and embrace diversity. They organize various activities to promote cultural exchange. One of their popular events is the Foodfest, where you can try dishes from various cultures.

Introduction (Dutch introduction)

The start of a new academic year can only mean one thing: It’s time for the most awesome activity of the entire year: The SV. Innovum Introduction week. The introduction committee is responsible of organizing this week for all the Dutch students who start their bachelor of engineering. Also, to make sure the next introduction is even better than the last (which is basically impossible because every introduction week is amazing). The committee starts planning the next introduction week right after the previous one. A lot of committee members are needed to make sure the entire introduction week runs smoothly. If you are interested in joining this committee then you should talk to one of the current committee members, or just ask someone of the board. Who knows, maybe you’ll help to make next year’s introduction even better than it was before.


As a Media committee we ensure that all social media and promotion accounts of SV. Innovum remain active and maintained. We do this by creating and posting photos, texts, creating events and keeping the profiles up-to-date. In this way members, sponsors, former members and other stakeholders of SV. Innovum to stay informed of what is going on within the association. The committee also produces the association magazine, the inSide and posters of the events that Innovum organizes. The articles in the inSide can be about Innovum events, cool DIY projects, or something informative. The people who are good at Photoshop, or very good at writing articles, are the members of the media committee.


In addition to all that hard studying, you also need to relax every now and then. This is where our party committee comes into play. It is our responsibility to ensure this relaxation through drinks, parties and of course our famous pub crawls. The word “together” is central to our committee. Bringing members, friends, teachers and even sponsors together in a relaxed atmosphere is important to us.

Innovum Student Support (ISS)

Student Support is the committee dedicated to providing assistance to fellow engineering students. Whether you want to give or receive tutoring, you've come to the right place. If you sign up to become a tutor, there are exciting rewards awaiting you. In addition to offering tutoring sessions, we also organize study-eves before every exam period, where you can study hard together and help each other prepare as best as possible for the exams.


The study trip committee organizes an educational / fun trip for a large group of students every year during the May holiday for 1 week. In this week you will go to a number of companies, but there are also opportunities to make the area unsafe, where we all go out for fun. During these company visits we all go completely in suits, even the ladies go in neat clothes. Add to this a secret activity, and you have a pretty good idea of ​​what the study trip committee organizes.